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Top 7 Tips For Your Healthy Family Lockdown Routine

Top 7 tips For Your Healthy Family Lockdown Routine

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During lockdown as well as having more time together as a family, I have also more time to think about our overall health and strategies to improve this. I started to think about my tops tips not only for myself but for my family too. These tips can work well in isolation, but also amalgamated together to make a healthy family routine for us all to follow! Below are my top 7 tips which I hope we can continue once lockdown ends!

  1. Exercise 

Exercise is so important to our overall mental well being and health and I have to admit before lockdown with a busy schedule teaching and being a mum, it was often the first one I would miss off my daily routine! I have since realised since the lockdown began having our daily walks/ bike rides really does make an overall difference to our wellbeing and happiness. 


2. Diet 

Recently I have been taking time to improve our whole families diet. Taking popular advice such as eating five portions of fruit and veg a day has really helped but I often would still feel run down and lacking energy. Sometimes I would also forget to always have a variety of fruit and vegetables too. I was very excited to find Tonic Health the first Mumsnet rated immunity drink meaning that over 81% of mums would recommend this product to their whole family. Tonic Health is high dose, high impact vitamin drink that boosts your immune system. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and includes high dose Vitamin C, D and Zinc, natural, is a 100% drug free and free from artificial sugar, sweetener and additives. It is super delicious and perfect for the whole family as it is suitable from the age of 4. Available to purchase now online from Tonic Health using code MUMSNET20

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3. Meal Times 

We have been trying to meal plan during lockdown and we have found this has made a significant difference to our overall health and has helped with budgeting too! We have found that having something to stick to not only saves money, but helps us include a variety of dishes into our weekly schedule. There is nothing worse than being super busy working/homeschooling to find you don’t have the ingredients to hand for the evening meal! We have also enjoyed slow cooking as often we can prepare our meals in advance and this leaves less stress at dinner time when the boys can be hungry and tired. 

Meal times

4. Routine 

Having a routine is really important. I have talked previously about homeschooling and how having a routine really helps structure our day. This really important in terms of our overall family health as it our days go much smoother when we have an overall plan of activities and down time. This then can be used to incorporate the above tips and make sure they are all implemented. 

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5. Stress 

Without a routine I often find things can get out of control and this contributes to stress and nothing then gets done! Keeping on top of my health really does help me keep stress free along with time to relax as a family together and enjoy our time. I also make sure to find time for myself because I often forget that spending time to do something that you love whether it be read a book or even paint your nails, it can really help your overall wellbeing! 

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6. Sleep 

As mums we often talk about sleep especially where newborns are concered. Sleep is important at an stage though and lack of sleep can really impact your overall health. I often find a good heathy sleep schedule helps including some down time before bed such as a favourite activity, a nice hot bath along with enjoying a good book before bed. This sleep routine works for the whole family and is something we stick to regularly. 


7. Hobbies Last but not least hobbies! This is so important as ‘as all work and no play’ is a recipe for disaster! We actively encourage the boys to explore their favourite activites such as bike riding, sport, music and art. We love music as a family. Myself and my two boys play the piano and my husband plays the guitar. We find having shared hobbies like this really good fun and since the lockdown began we have been having family music sessions together. I hope you have enjoyed all of the above. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would add to the list?!



I hope you have enjoyed all of the above. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would add to the list?!

This post is a paid collaboration with Tonic Health  for a review of their vitamin drink. The opinions and thoughts in the article are an honest review. 

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