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Books 2 Door CHILDREN’S BOOK Review

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Books gifted for review 

Books 2 Door children’s book review.. Books 2 Door is a children’s book publisher which has been operating since 2004. We love reading as a family and sharing books together. As a Teacher I am passionate about instilling a love of reading in my own children and the children I teach. I am always looking out for interesting children’s books to engage readers so I was very excited when I was able to review these books with the boys.

Zackary who is 9 years old is an avid reader. He has loved reading from an early age. Jake who is 7 had speech and language difficulties when he is younger so his reading journey was not so easy as Zackary’s. I have often found if I find an engaging book for them both relevant to their interests it really helps. 

The books he chose to try The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier. The author of the Diary of The Wimpy Kid and currently a series on Netflix. He was very excited to read these books and thoroughly enjoyed them along with their engaging illustrations. We love finding new books to read and It’s nice to find a series that links in with other books your child has read. I would say these books are great if your child likes Tom Gates, 13 Story Treehouse or Diary of the Wimpy Kid Series. 

Both boys are big David Walliams, I often describe him as a modern Roald Dahl. The World of David Walliams Book of Stuff was fantastic filled with character quizzes and fabulous fun facts and kept them entertained for hours. 

Finally Zackary has been a big fan of Beast Quest with its Hero Tom fighting the Beasts of the fictional land of Avantia. It was great that the books can bought in box sets depending which series your child is reading.

Available to order online offering easy ordering and convenient delivery to your door, we definitely recommend ordering children’s books from Books 2 Door. 

Visit Books 2 Door for more information! 

childrens books
boy reading book
childrens books

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8 thoughts on “Books 2 Door CHILDREN’S BOOK Review”


    We have literally run out of books for the older kids to read. My youngest daughter loved Diary of a Whimpy Kid so would probably enjoy The Last Kids on Earth. Sounds like a great service.

  2. They have the best range and so many bargains to be had too! I can’t wait til my daughter is a little older as I have a whole host of David Walliams books to share with her.

  3. My son loves to read and we task him to read a book a week, which isn’t an issue as he enjoys his books, this looks a great idea and Hes started reading the David Walliams books this last month and enjoyed it.

  4. Melanie williams

    Great idea and perfect for times like this. It is good to read a book or two and perfect to keep kids busy x

  5. I am a big reader and I am always buying books for my kids. I am a Scholastic book champion so buy loads through that. I have never heard of this one before, which I am really surprised as you said it been around since 2004

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