Cattows Farm

October 2019

Ever year for the last five years we have always gone to a pumpkin farm to pick our own pumpkins. This year we thought we would check out Cattows Farm. It is perfect day out with kids! 

The farm itself has been operating since 1899 but has now evolved to offer a range of products and services such as a fresh produce, festivals and is a wedding venue. During the Halloween they also run a Field of Screams which my both me and my husband would love to try! We imagine it would be something similar to Halloween Horror Nights run by Universal Studios.  

This was our first visit here so we were very excited to check it out! There was quite a few activities on offer including some Halloween photo opportunities, a mini corn maze and of course wheelbarrows were available for you to use to collect pumpkins around the farm. There was such a fantastic selection of pumpkins including some colours we had never seen before! The boys love pushing the wheelbarrows around to collect the pumpkins. The farm is a good size with loads of space for our boys to run around. We also discovered a sunflower farm so we will definitely have to return next summer. 

You pay for your pumpkins after you have selected them. They are weighed and price is allocated at this point. Cattows Farm also has a cafe and farm shop which was decorated in Halloween decorations and a pop up cafe appropriately named the ‘Witches Cauldron’. We had some food here which was delicious and the boys enjoyed the pop up cafes Halloween theming. 

If you are looking for a great family day out in Autumn we definitely recommend a pumpkin farm. It’s a great way outdoor activity and also a fantastic learning opportunity about the Autumn season for children. 

Cattows Farm is open seven days a week from the 1st of October. For more information visit



12 thoughts on “Cattows Farm”

  1. Pictures are great. I like the idea picking up pumpkins and squashes on my own and I bet my little boy would enjoy it too. Seems like a great fun for whole family.

  2. I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch. The last three years our garden has grown our own ones … we must have emptied a bought pumpkin into the flower bed at one time, and they’ve been growing ever since!

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