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Fun and learning at Epcot Walt Disney World

epcot walt disney world

Fun and learning at Epcot Walt Disney World. If you have been following my blogs you will know that we went on an epic Florida road trip last summer. Our last blog post was our first stop – Miami. From here we headed to Orlando first to spend just over a week in the parks before exploring the rest of Florida. Out of all the theme parks at Walt Disney World, Epcot has to be our favourite. It combines thrills and fun along with loads of educational opportuntites hidden with Disney magic. A completely different experience from the traditional Disney ‘theme park’ experience with less focus on big rides and more focus on interactive, educational experiences. This blog aims to review the theme park and discuss all the fun and learning opportunities at Epcot. 

EPCOT is an acronym, for – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disneys original concept was an utopian fantasy a sort of ‘Truman Show’ – an experimental city where people would live work and play testing new technological advances. This science fiction concept was impossible to come to fruition and ultimately resulted in the theme park we know today. Epcot feels like two theme parks in one, the first part being Future World and the second part being World Showcase. What surprised us as a family is how different Epcot is to your standard theme parks we have been accustomed too and just how many fun and learning opportunities there are at Epcot! 

Spaceship Earth 

Once you have stepped into the park you are greeted with Spaceship Earth a huge geodesic sphere and iconic symbol in Disney branding. The attraction inside is considered a Disney classic but is currently due to refurbished so we were very glad to enjoy it for possibly the last time and is definitely worth a visit! It is slow moving and family friendly and charts the story of human communication. It is sort of a history lesson in a ride! 

Spaceship Earth Epcot
EPCOT Walt Disney World
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The Land

Next up was The Land, this was so much fun and we came out really excited about all the new things that we had learned. It is a gentle boat ride suitable for even little ones where you can discover the history of farming. We loved learning about how many of our crops grow and it was fascinating to see how scientists are working to cultivate crops of the future using innovative growing techniques. 

The land walt disney world
The Land boat ride
The land boat ride

The ride itself is in a pavillion with a lovely family restaurant the Sunshine Seasons where we were able to eat with our disney dining plan. It had a varied menu which was brilliant for one of our sons who is lactose intolerant and has sensory processing disorder meaning meals can be tricky. There is also a character dining option at the Garden Grill restaurant but as we had character dining booked later on at Chef Mickey’s we left it on this occasion. 

Are you thinking this might not be your type of theme park if there are no fast rides – especially if you have adrenaline junkies or older children concerned? Well worry not as there is a ride called Soarin also in the Land Pavilion. It is a flight motion simulator ride taking you over the wonders of the world!

Wreck it Ralph photo
Wreck It Ralph Photo




Over at Journey to Imagination in Future World we were able to meet the Wreck It Ralph characters! 

Wreck It Ralph EPCOT
Universe of Energy Epcot

World Showcase at EPCOT

World Showcase at Epcot

Italy Pavilion at World Showcase Epcot

There is loads more fun and learning at Epcot Walt Disney World, over at World Showcase which is the second part of the park. It has its own entrance over at the Board Walk Hotel and the Yacht and Beach Club Hotel (we stayed at for our honeymoon in 2009). During this trip we accessed it after visiting the Future World attractions above so there was a fair amount of walking involved. We definitely recommend hiring a stroller and do not be ashamed by this! Loads of people hire them for older children as you are walking so much each day. There was no way our six year old would be able to walk that distance every day! 

There is so much to see and do at World Showcase with 11 counties to explore. You literally feel like you have stepped into Jule’s Verne’s ‘Around The World In 80 days’ except you can do it in a day! Each country is themed with exceptional attention to detail. The ‘cast members’ (Disney employees) are actually cultural representatives from their home country. This adds to the Disney magic as you can speak to the cast members in their home language and learn all about the cultural traditions of that country. 

Italy pavilion Epcot
world showcase Epcot
Epcot Walt Disney World
Epcot walt disney world
Epcot walt disney world
Epcot world showcase
Mexico epcot
epcot Mexico
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot Walt disney world
epcot Walt disney world
Epcot Walt disney world
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot walt disney world
Epcot Walt Disney World
epcot Walt Disney World
epcot disney world
epcot Walt Disney World

Disney Dining is a big part of any Disney holiday and the dining options at Epcot, Walt Disney World do not disappoint! We chose to dine at the the Biergarten in the Germany Pavilion. This is a buffet style restaurant with a live stage and performances throughout the evening. The dishes are authentic German cuisine which really adds to the experience. The boys loved the music entertainment which we have included in our You Tube video so do check it out! 

germany pavilion epcot
Epcot walt disney world
epcot Walt Disney World

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One aspect which definitely offered a lot of fun and learning at Epcot was the KIDCOT stations. Children can collect a passport holder and collect stamps at each country they visit at World Showcase. This is a real hands on learning experience as some cast members even spelt the boys names in their language! 

kidcot at EPCOT
EPCOT Walt Disney World
EPCOT Walt Disney World





A trip to Disney is not complete without some character meet and greets. There are plenty of opportunities in Epcot! We got to meet characters in Future World as well as the countries in World Showcase. We would definitely recommend Disney Photopass too. 

Rowena and Minnie Mouse
Pluto at epcot
pluto at epcot
Mickey at epcot
Mickey at epcot
Mickey at Epcot
Minnie at epcot
Minnie at Epcot
Minnie at epcot
Minnie at epcot
Minnie at epcot
inside out at epcot
inside out at epcot
big hero six epcot
Donald Mexico epcot
epcot Walt Disney World
bubbles epcot
Bubbles epcot

For more information please visit the following websites:

Visit Florida, Visit Orlando and Walt Disney World. There is a wealth of information available on these websites to help with booking your next Disney vacation! 

Florida Road trip part three – Magic Kingdom is coming soon! 

Don’t forget to follow us on you tube where you can watch our whole vlog on our trip to Epcot.

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21 thoughts on “Fun and learning at Epcot Walt Disney World”

  1. Janette Holbrook

    Really enjoyed looking at your photos of Epcot and reading your blog. It looks like you had a fantastic time !!

  2. I have not been to Florida but have heard amazing things about EPCOT. I never knew what it stood for though!!

    Your character pictures are so lovely, I’d love to have met the inside out and Wreck it ralph characters. Disneyland Paris didn’t have these. Although I did get hit in the head by Pluto!

    1. We’ve had some great character interactions at DLP. It was really amazing to meet Inside out and Wreck it Ralph though!

  3. All your pictures are AMAZING!!!! I absolutely adore Epcot, it’s my favourite Disney park by far! So much to see, do and experience! Gosh, I wish I was there right now… maybe it’s an incentive holiday idea to get me through lockdown! Sim x

  4. I bet that was a fun trip! We never took our kids to Disney when they were little. We let life and lack of money get in our way. I would like for us to take the grand kids someday. I really enjoyed your photos! You’ve covered a lot of exciting attractions and the Disney characters!

  5. We are still planning on going to Disney in Florida one day but to be honest Epcot was lower on our list of places to visit, but this review has changed my mind and something we definitely have to see.

  6. My family and I have never been to Epcot before and this looks like a wonderful family holiday. I do plan to head there once the lockdown is over to see the Spaceship Earth in person.

  7. Awww Epcot!! This has taken me back to my holiday in Disney. Just loved all the parks and this one was so educational yet fun. It’s amazing how they make them. Love the tee and looks like you had a fab time

  8. Melanie williams

    Aw I miss this place. I got married in Disney world so brings back some really good memories for sure. how I wish we could even just have an hour in the park right now xx

  9. Epcot looks like a brilliant place to visit. I like the idea that there are gentler rides and that it isn’t all about the adrenalin rush

  10. Rhian westbury

    Epcot is probably one of the places that I want to go to in Disney the most as it just looks so fun. One year I’ll get there x

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