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Home School Timetable for Primary School Children

Home School Timetable for Primary School children

Includes resources / items previously gifted

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Home school timetable for primary school children. How is everyone doing? It is a real crazy time at the moment with the lockdown and Coronavirus. I for one have been so busy with my boys now at home and having to embark on homeschooling (even as a Teacher I was really daunted by this at first!) – I have really struggled to find time for anything else (including blogging). Finding the time to homeschool, let alone write a homeschool timetable for primary age children has been hard!

There is such a wealth of online resources aimed at homeschooling even I have found it a little daunting, so I am keen to summarise my homeschool timetable recommendations for primary age children in this blog post. I have been wanting to write this since the lockdown was announced a few weeks ago but I couldn’t find the time! I think that is key here – time.  I may be finding homeschool ok and quite enjoyable but I certainly am finding less time for myself and to get anything done around the house. 

So my advice below may not be much help in terms of time management, but I certainly hope the following ideas might help with home schooling your children and I can share some of my teaching pearls of wisdom!


Home School Timetable 

We don’t have one! Yes you read that correctly, I have not bothered to write one. Unlike the numerous ones I have seen circulating online, I have found that we have survived without one.

This is not in anyway passing judgement as I for one having a child with additional needs know how much a routine can help, and we do follow a basic routine; English/Maths, break, watch Newsround, then some activities like reading, music, art etc. After lunch we have been focusing on each boys topic, taking it in turns. So this has meant that Zackary who is in year 4 has had to learn about Nocturnal animals and Jake in year 2 has had to learn about the Romans!

My point is that we have been flexible, taking the boys moods, interests in to account and have not had a fixed timetable to follow. So far this has really worked for us and left the boys feeling relaxed and not anxious which is so important given the current climate. 

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Roman Shield

Working from Home and Homeschooling? I feel your pain. Not just from me sitting here late at night typing this but also as my Husbands work has continued throughout the Coronavirus pandemic so we have been pretty busy at home.

 I always knew that this would be the case as he would on occasion work from home, however this has now changed to full time working from home. It has been a new way of life for us and trying to find a suitable place for him to work in whilst the boys are not too noisy for his conference calls has definitely proven a challenge! 

What is important is to remember this is a global pandemic and what works for one family will be different to another. DO NOT COMPARE yourself and if you are both working from home with limited time for homeschooling focus on what you can do not what you can’t! 

The priority is your families health and mental wellbeing right now. My advice if you follow my blog regularly is always read! If there is one thing that can make a real impact on your Childs progress read to them/ with them. Take turns to hear each other read, try different reading resources such as fact books, magazines, online material (screen time!!) cookery books etc I could go on and on! 

If you can’t do anything else make sure you read! Also as children get older make sure to find time to listen to them read – just because they can read independently it’s still very important. My eldest who’s nine often stills read words and doesn’t always understand the meaning of them so its important to have an adult check in especially where comprehension is concerned. 

Online Resources

Most schools are setting work for their pupils so do check your own children’s school website but if you are looking for more ideas see below:

There are a wealth of online resources available online and we have enjoyed exploring them all! Most of them I use as a Teacher (some are previously gifted resources)


Joe Wicks is the most famous one – live weekdays at 9.00 – https://www.thebodycoach.com

We have also been been enjoying Cosmic Yoga a great way to start the day if we are feeling a bit anxious – https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

BBC Supermovers –  https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers. This not only gets children moving but covers most topics in the National Curriculum.

If you have an open space or garden their are loads of activities you can do outside, gardening, mud kitchen, art, water play, picnic, draw a treasure map, ride a bike etc for more fantastic ideas visit Lady Birds Adventures a lovely blog all about outdoor adventures you can do with your Children. There is also a Facebook group you can join!

50 Fun things to do outside at home


Times Table Rock Stars: We have been using Times Table Rock Stars so the boys can practice their times tables. You  need to have a subscription for this but a lot of schools do have one so its worth checking. The boys love practicing their tables with rock songs in the background and to them it counts as screen time so it’s a win/win!


Art for kids Hub 

Drawing Geek 


Operation Ouch: My boys love watching this Science programme on tv aimed at children all about drs and hospitals.

Peekaboo Kids: A great science channel on You Tube

Sci Sho Kids

English and topic

BBC Bitesize


There are many opportunities to explore the world digitally. There are many options to explore the world from your living room. There are virtual tours, 360 degree views and live museum tours, national parks, famous landmarks and even space tours!

A number of zoos are offering virtual tours:

Chester Zoo have been streaming live virtual tours of the zoo . We love visiting this zoo in person but this is such a great idea.

San Diego Zoo – I visited this zoo before having kids and there is a wealth of resources on their website.

London Zoo

National Geographic Kids

Google Earth – has been recently updated including quizzes.

Many of the National parks have now created virtual tours too. We loved looking at the Grand Canyon!

Museums including the British Museum and the Louvre are offering virtual tours too thanks to Google Arts Culture you can explore some of the world’s most popular museums from the comfort of your home.

Educational Resources  

A lot of these websites are designed for teachers so please do bare that in mind when using them. A number of them are offering free subscriptions during the lockdown so its worth checking!

Twinkl: Twinkl is an educational resources provider which many Teachers use. Currently there is an offer code CVDTINKLEHELPS to access all resources free for this month.

Khan Academy: A non for profit organisation offering free learning resources

Teacher’s Pet: Teacher’s Pet is an educational resources provider currently offering free resources to schools and parents.

Letterland (previously gifted): I love Letterland Resources, I have blogged about them previously (gifted for review) their phonics, reading and writing resources are still available to order online and their website is also offering free online resources.

Literacy Shed: Literacy Shed I love as a Teacher. Great for children in key stage 2 it provides a writing stimulus often a video for children to complete a creative writing task.  

Pobble: Educational resources website used by teachers. Uses pictures for creative writing tasks. Currently offering resources to parents.

Top Marks: Provides online games and educational resources

Spelling Shed: Spelling Shed are currently offering a 30 day free trial and have an app available to purchase from the App Store

Phonics Play: https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk – This is one of my favourite websites for teaching phonics.

Planes Trains and Buggies recommend a confidence building children’s course here

Apps /online

Osmo ( previously gifted): We love Osmo, this promotes active screen time with a range of apps available to purchase compatible with an apple iPad. Read my review here 

NASA: Interested in Space? NASA Kids club have loads of interesting facts and space activities aimed at children including Q & A’s with astronauts!

Alphablocks: Great for phonics!

Children of Wanderlust have a great post recommending their top 5 Homeschooling apps.

home school ideas

Subscription Services 

We have used a number of subscription services (previously gifted)

Mud and Bloom: https://www.mudandbloom.com/subscribenow – we loved the outdoor activities delivered to our house!

Little Cooks

Comic Club: https://thecomicclub.co.uk  – A children’s magazine subscription service

Eco Kids Magazine:  https://www.ecokidsplanet.co.uk/products/magazine-subscription-for-kids: A children’s magazine subscription service

Using Letterland Resources

home school Letterland educational resources

Using Osmo Resources

rowenas teach and travel
rowenas teach and travel

Clothes previously gifted by Frugi

Home school rowans teach and travel
boys playing on laptop

Reading Eggs previously gifted

Eco Kids magazine subscription previously gifted

Little Cooks subscription boxes previously gifted.

mud and bloom

Mud and Bloom subscription box previously gifted


Comic Club magazine subscription previously gifted

Educational Activities  

Tots Up (previously gifted) great for positive reinforcement and behaviour management whilst home schooling! 

Seekers (previously gifted) https://www.seekersgames.co.uk

Magnetic Scavenger Hunt. Great for an outdoor activity either in the garden or on your daily walk. Magnetic cards for children to spot items in the environment. 

Good luck everyone, please do let me know how you are getting on and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram – I share most weekdays our Homeschool journey on my stories. If you have any other educational websites you have encountered and I have not mentioned above please do let me know!

Finally we love music. Please do watch our you tube video of a great family music activity to do at home during the lockdown! Hope you have enjoyed our blog on Home School Timetable for Primary School Children

Rowena x 

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22 thoughts on “Home School Timetable for Primary School Children”

  1. Janette Holbrook

    This is good advice in a time of turmoil, with tips to get you through the day with home schooling and where to access resources to help you .

  2. A great blog as always. As a teacher and parent myself I know a lot of the stresses homeschooling is cousins and it’s lovely to read a blog promoting a ‘go with the flow’ attitude to learning which is led my the children!

    I will certainly be tapping into some of the recommended resources/websites above. Thanks for sharing.



    We haven’t got a timetable to work from either. We’re using times tables rock stars, that’s really good. They quite like operation ouch, might need to put that on again.

  4. I like that you have introduced so many practical lessons in your children’s schedule. Having fun and learning in the same time is so much more creative and productive than math classes 🙂

  5. Looks like you have been keeping your kids busy with so many activities during the lockdown! Thank you also for the links, there are a few links we have not checked out yet like the National Geography ones so we might do that tomorrow.

  6. This is really helpful! We don’t have a timetable as such – we split his work sent by school into different parts of the day and then do other activities during the other times.

  7. Some excellent advice and tips here, there is a wealth of stuff out there now if you need, our kids schools started well wit it but seems to have kicked into another gear now with lots more proactive stuff and measured learning etc.

  8. What an amazing resource. I don’t have children but I was speaking to a friend yesterday who’s struggling to come up with things for her kids to do so I’ll definitely be sharing this with her.

  9. The kids have started on SeeSaw this week and it is great having some structure and proper lesson plans. Times tables rockstars is great and we have been enjoying some BBC Bitesize

  10. Melanie williams

    This is a brilliant article with some really helpful advice. Yes, you are right the main priority is the family mental health and well being for sure xx

  11. I started with a written schedule for myself to help with time management but then realise that I found it difficult to follow through – so now I’m also surviving without one and strangely it’s kind of making my life less stressful lol 😀

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