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Photo book review – Rosemood Atelier

Photo book review

This is a paid partnership with Rosemood Atelier. My review is an honest opinion of my experience.

photobook review

I love photos! I have always loved taking photos ever since I was a little girl. My Mum and my Grandad were keen photographers so it was natural I would follow in their footsteps. I have never had any professional training but that has never stopped me taking loads of photos wherever I go!

Often I would find that I would have so many photos I would have no where to store them. They would either be stuck on my iPhone or if I did print photos off I would have no space to display them around the house. It doesn’t matter how many photos you have there is only really space for a few on a wall!

Many years ago you would print photos off normally in a 6/4 photo size and you would then put them in a photo album where you would stick them in! The finished look was far from professional and they would also look messy over time. Also where would you store them? An old fashioned photo album would be big and bulky and take a lot of space in your house.

photobook review

a book of beautiful memories

Rosemood Atelier make modern exquisite photo books along with wedding stationary, thank you cards and personalised notecards / stationary. I have attempted to make a photo book a few years ago with a different company but I found the whole process complex and time consuming.

This is not the case with Rosemood Atelier there website is so easy to use and the steps are simple to follow. I was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly the photos uploaded. This meant that I had more time to spend adding finishing touches to my album!

holiday photos


photo book

We made two photo books a hardcover photo book for our wedding photos and a softcover photo book of our Florida holiday memories. It was really easy to make and I loved how you could add extra details to it such as titles for some of the photos. For example with the Naples photo book I designed it using the softcover photo book option.

I selected the option to have the photos organised in the book already and then all I had to do was add text (see above) and change the size of any if the photos if I wished too. The font could be changed too and background colour.

holiday photos

wedding album

The second photo book we decided as we have recently celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary it would be nice to make a photo book of our wedding photos. This a contemporary option for wedding couples who may not want to not have a traditional style wedding photo book. They can be really bulky and often not attractive to display around your house.

This photo book fits all our wedding photos in but is small, light weight and very attractive. We chose the hardbook photo book option for this one.

wedding photo book album
photobook review
wedding album

photo book customer service

photo book review

The customer service is excellent. There is a design team who handle your order once placed online. They were excellent and any queries I had were responded to very quickly. Making sure your order is perfect is part of the design process.

I was delighted that my designer contacted me to tell me I had forgotten to add a title to the spine of the book. Being made aware of this made the service extra special to me as I really did want a title for my book. It was no problem at all for them to fix it and the tile was added before the photo book went to print.

I have really enjoyed the whole process of making photo books with Atelier Rosemood. We will definitely be ordering from them again. I have so many photos from our travels I can’t wait to make them into photo books one day!

If you would like to order from them their website is

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