poppy fields

Poppy Fields UK – Family days out

Beautiful Poppy Fields

poppy fields

Since lockdown has been eased we are finding more and more places to visit and explore in the UK. Visiting Poppy Fields are a great budget friendly family day out. A perfect UK staycation! This one we visited was not far from us in Tamworth. It was a lovely sunny day in June which is the best month to see Poppies in bloom.

poppy fields

perfect photo opportunity

We love taking family photos and seeing a Poppy Field is a beautiful photo opportunity. We had loads of fun here and of course we didn’t spend a penny! At the bottom of the page is our latest You Tube video of our afternoon here. It was loads of fun filming this. Poppy Fields are a great budget friendly family day out!

boy in poppy field


During the 2020 lockdown we have really loved daily walks together as a family. It has made us really appreciate the time together and the importance of getting outside for exercise. We are keen to always find ‘screen free’ activities and walking/ biking together is perfect for us as a family. There are loads of new fields and walks we have discovered. It has really made us appreciate our beautiful surroundings. We found this day out very similar to our trip to the Strawberry farm. Full of fun and family exercise. We love Poppy Fields!

boys climbing a fence in a field

poppy Fields Near you

Poppies are a flowering plant which have become a symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime. Finding a Poppy Field near you can sometimes be a bit tricky as it is not a tourist destination. There is one in Lichfield which has recently had volunteers maintain it. Sadly some Poppy fields are in decline die to new construction development. This was in Tamworth, West Midlands. Do you have a Poppy Field near you? Let us know if the comments!

poppy fields

learning outside

I always talk about learning outside as a Mum and a Teacher! We used the visit to the Poppy Field to do some research on Poppies. We found out they used to be used as medicine in Egyptian times. There is also a useful article on the BBC about poppies!

poppy fields

1 thought on “Poppy Fields UK – Family days out”

  1. Janette Holbrook

    What a lovely idea for the boys to experience poppies growing in a field. Something that years ago would have been a normal thing to come across with other wildflowers and hedgerow plants .

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