summer holiday ideas

Summer Holiday Boredom Buster Ideas!

children's board games

summer holiday ideas

Items gifted for review.

Now School /homeschool has finished and the summer holidays are here I often panic about keeping the boys entertained! Of course we plan to do lots of uk days out but what about those rainy days? They can be really hard and although yes they will want to do some ‘screen time’ but board games are also great summer holiday ideas / rainy day options too!

bOARD GAMES – a GREAT summer holiday idea

I love board games. I can still remember my favourites from my own childhood! Board games are great for your children’s problem solving skills, maths skills, communications skills, team work, imagination etc. There are many benefits to playing board games even as adults!

My favourite board games that are fun and family friendly and also keep the boys entertained when we are home and not out travelling/ exploring. We were super excited to be gifted some new games to test and review.

Silly Sausage children’s game

silly sausage game

The super speedy sausage reaction game! This game is so much fun and definitely one that kept them entertained for a long time. Suitable for age 7 plus the aim of the game is to keep with the Silly Sausages commands for example twist me. There are 3 modes you can play in Chipolata which works on your speed and reactions. Banger is a team game a bit like pass the parcel. You have to follow the instructions when the music stops.

Jumbo is the final mode which is a memory game. You have to repeat Silly Sausages moves in the correct sequence. The highest score wins! We all had a go playing this found it so much fun. Across all the modes there is a total of 10 games you can play! You can purchase Silly Sausage from John Adams

Supergraph art activity

supergraph art toy

Art is a great summer holiday idea and the Supergraph is perfect for this! Sometimes the boys get frustrated as the picture they want to draw is too tricky! With Supergraph you can draw anything! The set comes with a few pictures or you can choose your own. Once you have chosen your picture, clip it to the Supergraph and look through the optical viewer. The picture appears magically in front of you ready for you to draw!

boy drawing with supergraph

Suitable for age 8 plus and from John Adams as well as trace you can draw with the the app on your tablet too. The drawing app is free to download. We loved the travel suitcase that came with it too!

boy drawing Summer holiday Ideas

ultimate gross science

ultimate gross science

Science related activities are fun to do at home and also educational! The messier the better for the boys and they loved learning how to make slime and how digestion works! The instructions are easy to follow and kept us all entertained for a long time!

boy doing science activity at home

keeping entertained while stuck at home

Lockdown maybe easing but many of us may have cancelled holidays, or are unable to travel this summer so finding activities for when we are at home is important! We have really enjoyed reviewing these items. Let us know in the comments how you plan on keeping the kids entertained this summer?!

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