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Reading At Home – books for Primary School Children

Reading at home during lockdown summer 2020

We have been trying to read as much as possible whilst we have been homeschooling. Here is a review of what we have been reading this month at home. I hope to start writing regularly on my blog about which children’s books we are enjoying. Reading for pleasure is such a great activity for children and grown ups, however finding good books to engage children can sometimes be tricky!

As a Teacher and Mum I am constantly on the look out for new books to explore together. Sometimes these might be fact books, fiction books, activity books, magazines and comics. I always encourage a ride range of reading materials in my classroom and also at home. We have enjoyed exploring the activity book ‘No Worries by Dr Sharie Coombes’ It is great for children who are feeling anxious or stressed and has loads of fun and calming activities inside.

children's books

Diversify the library

It is important as Educators that we diversify our library to include stories that promote inclusivity through literacy. A common assumption might be to start addressing this when children are approaching their teenage years however, there are many books available for younger children too.

We have been enjoying ‘Little Leaders’ by Vashti Harrison. This is a beautifully presented picture book and a New York Times Best Seller! It features iconic women in Black history including some well known ones such as Mary Seacole, Shirley Bassey, Oprah Winfrey and some lesser known too. We loved learning all about their inspiring stories. There is also a version ‘Bold Men In Black History’ I will try and purchase soon too!

mix up classics and new stories when reading at home

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

I find reading a mix of classical stories with latest new stories really helps keep the boys engaged with their reading. We have loved reading the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett especially as it was the theme of our wedding and is one of my all time favourite stories. There are loads of learning opportunities when reading the Secret Garden – you can talk about gardening and learn all about how flowers grow!

A new book we have recently discovered is The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. This book is great for children in key stage 2 around 7 plus. It is about a robot called Roz who crash lands on a remote dessert island but has no idea why she is there. As the story progresses Roz embodies human/ animal emotions and adopts a gosling and learns how to mother it. We haven’t quite finished it yet but the boys have loved listening to me read it especially when I put on my robot voice!

having fun and bringing stories to life!

So I did not take these photos during lockdown both are from a few years ago. I love bringing stories to life and making them fun for everyone to enjoy. We have been enjoying the Supertato books by Sue Hendra. These books are so fun and are great from pre school upwards.

Dressing up as characters of a story is also a great way to get children engaged in reading. The Mary Poppins dressing up was actually for World Book Day but it certainly engaged the boys with the story!

books for young children

Oi Dog children's books

If you have any children in KS1 books for pre – school children with rhyming words are great for early reading. Rhyming words group words together by a common sound such as the ‘cat sits on the mat.’ This can be used to teach children about spellings patterns and is a prerequisite to reading and building phonemic awareness. We have been reading the ‘Oi Frog’ series by Kes Grey and Jim Field for a few years now! The boys love them as well as being funny it really educational too!



We have been reading as much as we can especially in the garden! Finding a change of scenery always helps. I set this reading corner up in the garden. Although we haven’t read them all these this summer, here are some of our favourites we have been working through!

Are there any of your favourites in there? Let me know in the comments!

childrens books

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    1. Thank you. We love reading together. We are looking forward to review some more children’s books next month!

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